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Fiber arrays
Fiber arrays are essential components for current large-capacity and high-speed communication networks. Over the past 20 years HIYAMA has been a pioneer in the development of a mass-production system of fiber arrays, including V-groove processing, fiber assembly, polishing and inspection.


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Advancements in digital equipment have been brought about by technological innovations such as high functionality and miniaturization. This has enabled high-density mounting and highly intricate processing of electronic boards, which has been supported by extremely advanced processing technology, We at Hiyama are constantly improving technology, training staff and introducing the latest equipment. We are winning acclaim for our extremely high-level slitting technology and rigorous quality control. Using the most advanced clean rooms, we are processing cutting-edge materials, such as those used for producing electronic parts, separators for lithium-ion batteries.



Touch panels used in various places play a major role in the advancement of digital equipment. Functional films and polarizing films are important components for supporting touch panels displays. Hiyama's high technology and new and powerful automated lines are used to process these films. Hiyama also processes films for protecting all sorts of materials such as glass, metal and plastic, adhesive coatings for high-definition electronic equipment. In addition, with the introduction of a high-performance pilot unit, it has becom possible to apply laminate processing to materials regardless of their thickness.


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In information and communication technology-based societies, optical fiber networks
have become vital infrastructure.

HIYAMA has been producing fiber arrays for over 20years. Fiber arrays are essential
components for current large-capacity and high-speed communication networks.

HIYAMA’s commitment to quality control in all aspects of fiber array production, from
V-groove processing to fiber assembly, polishing and inspection, has resulted in
unparalleled performance and reliability.

We have extensive experience in fabricating customized products,
including those which feature large numbers of fibers,
irregular pitches and polarization-maintaining optical fibers.

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